Nollywood Actor Mofe Duncan’s 3 Year Old Marriage Crashes


Nollywood Actor Mofe Duncan’s 3 Year Old Marriage Crashes

A Nollywood actor, Mofe Duncan, has confirmed that his three years marriage to Jessica Kakkad has crashed.

The couple wedded in August 2015 at an elaborate ceremony in Lagos.

Mofe Duncan and Jessica got married in August 2015 and had an issue in 2016 when a leaked chat showed the actor flirting with a lady identified as Zainab.

The 36-year-old actor confirmed the news on Instagram on Friday. He said the union crashed a year ago.

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He wrote,

“My marriage has been over for a year now, but I have remained cordial with both families. My family is doing well, and I’m doing well as I’ve moved on with my life and my career.

“I appreciate all the support shown. My family and I were waiting for the right time to put out a statement, but I guess social media has a way of doing things.”

This was also confirmed by Jessica after an unidentified person asked on social media if she plans on getting married again when the right man comes. Jessica replied saying “not anymore”.

We can only pray and hope they can get back together again.


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