Drama In Church As Side Chic Shows Up At Her Man’s Wedding In Her Own Wedding Gown [Watch Video]


Drama In Church As Side Chic Shows Up During Man's Wedding

A mild drama was recently recorded at a church when a supposed Side Chic showed up at her man’s wedding in her own wedding gown.

A couple’s wedding has been left in commotion with friends and family in shock.

The wedding ceremony scattered after an alleged secret lover of the groom attended the church ceremony.

It was gathered that the groom’s alleged side chic had boldly entered the church dressed in her own white wedding dress while the groom and bride were at the alter with the pastor officiating their wedding.

In a video that has now gone viral, the said side chic was seen trying to also head to the alter and join the couple.

However, a male attendee stopped her from walking any further and she continued to struggle with him to the shock of the guests.

What was more surprising, was the fact the groom and bride did not seem to be bothered by the display. It has, however, not been confirmed if the lady is truly the man’s lover.

Watch Video Below:


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